My Day on Podshock - Links

Today, February 3, episode 23 of Podshock was published, which is the episode I recorded with James, Louis and Ken last Sunday.

Turned out ok, if I do say so myself. This page is to clarify some points, and to give extra credit where it's due, and to be more specific about URLs for the various pages I talked about.

When I referred to GI Joe vs. Aliens, I made it sound like the Adventure Team was my idea. It was just a stumble. I did not create the Adventure Team. The Adventure Team was what GI Joe became in 1970 after six years of military toys, Hasbro turned GI Joe into a group of world-spanning adventurers, and this is where I began playing with them at the age of 7 or so.

Again, thanks to Sean Dickinson for all of his help over the years on many of these stories.

Thanks also go to Charlotte Huxter, who lent me clothing and props and undying support for my projects.

Thanks also go to Carol Hobbs, whose patience outweighs even mine.