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The Promise

Feelies - Now Available!

(Pictured here with original amulet, not a replica.)



"The Promise" has, as a central item, a wolf's head amulet, carved from a dark beach rock. The back story of the amulet is one of the things you should discover as you play "The Promise".

To find out about the wolf's head amulet, ask people about it, and remember it.

The amulet has been your father's ever since he was your age. He returned with it after a day in the forest. When he finally came home, after dusk, just before search parties were formed to go in and find him, he was wearing it. He claims he spent a day carving it in the forest, but the story is far more interesting than he ever said. Find out why.

If you want to find out more about how it was created, and how the replicas are created, you can see the process here.


The Letter

Another iconic item in "The Promise" is the letter. If you play through, you will receive a letter, folded and sealed in wax. It is addressed to your mother in the runes of the Language of the North.

The letter is, as it is in-game, sealed with the seal of the Elder, a wolf's head symbol. You can, as you can in-game, break the seal and read it if you so desire. However, you were specifically asked by the Elder for your promise not to open and read it.

(This is not made available as a print-your-own, for obvious reasons. Or if it's not obvious, the reason is, it's sealed and private.)

What you do is up to you.

(Pictured here, the letter - you get one, not two; this is just so show both sides - and a replica of the amulet. Each amulet replica is hand-formed.)



Hand-drawn maps, scanned and colored to look like old ink, I created two maps of your world. One of Ice Wolf Cove, the village you inhabit, and one of the forest, now a very dangerous place.

You can download and print these yourself from the main page.

The maps in the Feelie Package are printed on parchment-themed paper, available at most office supply stores.

There are two versions of each map in the Feelie Packet. The second version has named rooms printed over the map, for gameplay purposes.

I didn't write "The Promise" in hopes to make money for all the time and effort put into it. I didn't create these feelies to make a profit. However, materials were not free, so I am offering this package of feelies for $7.00 plus shipping, and I will ship worldwide.

To order, please e-mail me at - this is not hot-linked, to avoid spambots.


You can still download and print these here, if you like. Provided both with parchment background for those who don't have parchment-themed paper, or in white for those who do - or wish to print it on plain white paper or paper of their choice.

Village - parchment


Village with Rooms - parchment


Village - white


Village with Rooms - white


Forest - parchment


Forest with Rooms - parchment


Forest - white


Forest with Rooms - white



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