The Print Shop Is Open!

Since the Afinia printer was glitching out, ending a print job by continuing a previous one, I had to shut down the print shop. Tonight, I risked the old method of formatting the Micro SD card to see if that would work because I was itching to print again.

I printed this topographical model of Mount Everest in a 7cm square block.

This print, in Octave black (which tends to be shiny), did not end properly, but at least it did not end catastrophically, with the head damaging the print. I was able to shut down the printer before anything bad happened.mount-everest-in-black

AS this print was being made, Afinia updated their site, putting V1.19 of the software up, which promises a fix.

I immediately printed a filament clip (that fits on the edge of a reel, so the filament can be clipped to it when not in use.)

SUCCESS! The print ended perfectly!

I am now printing another thing, to be talked about later.

Update: I have since printed three things successfully, each item finishing perfectly, with no further glitches. Yay!

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