Space:1999 Moonbuggy Project

This whole 3D printing thing started with me wanting to print a Space:1999 Moonbuggy. I had just customized a 3.5″ Moon Buggy variant using a toy 8-wheel ATV I found on eBay. I painted it, printed custom decals, and the result is quite nice.


But it’s just a derivative variant. I wanted a more accurate one.

So I sent a test model I found online, not a very accurately modeled one, and the model wasn’t water-tight, and just not optimized for 3D printing, but the result wasn’t bad.

So now I’m printing a 1.75cm version of a model that I am working on from scratch, (in blue, because my Premium Yellow was back-ordered) to see how it scales with my Product Enterprise Eagle. The model is not finished yet, nor is it optimized to print so small.

So far it’s printing the body ok, but the wheels not so much. One seems to have come up off the raft. Oh well, printing at this tiny scale is probably not that recommended. Let’s see what the final result is. Perhaps to print 6 wheels I must print 12 and hope 6 of them come out ok.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Plus, some tiny detail will have to be removed if I intend to print this thing small. The tiny vents at the back, which are supposed to print ok at 4″, cause the back wall to print incorrectly. That’s an easy fix for when I do this again.


I mean COME ON!!!!



Update: Here are two more, printed in yellow and black for better color. (The yellow is a bit hideous. I’ve ordered a yellow that is far more like the original Moon Buggy, but I don’t have it yet.) I remodeled the back just a bit to fix the problem with the rear vents, but apparently it didn’t fully fix the issue. And I included a quick seat and engine cover in the back. The photo probably doesn’t show the detail well because of the sickly-translucent-Hi-Vis yellow…)


2 thoughts on “Space:1999 Moonbuggy Project

  1. Hi – I was looking for a Moon buggy to make for my PE Eagle. Are you willing to share the 3D print file?



    • I sell PE scaled moon buggies on Shapeways. Look for the shop “FOURTHD”. You have to buy two pieces (because Shapeways does not allow multiple parts in a single “project” or “set”. So you can get the body (in yellow Strong and Flexible Polished) and the seats and wheels in black Strong and Flexible. Makes for a wonderful 12″ Scaled buggy. I also sell the buggy to scale with other Eagles as well. (Not Konami though… too small. Though that may happen at some point.)

      FOURTHD Shapeways

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