John Wick Pistol Compensator

So a friend texted me and said “Can you make a compensator for John Wick’s H&K P30?”

So I said “I know some of those words.”


So he used other words. Eventually I understood. “Oh, you want a silencer for a movie gun!”

My friend does weekly podcast that I think I’ll plug now: “Regular Joes“, which is an awesome podcast about movies and toys and tv shows, comics and collecting and superheroes. There’s no end to the useless stuff they know, but don’t call them geeks. Call them Regular Joes.

On his podcast he plugged “John Wick”, the movie with Keanu Reeves as a retired hitman out for revenge. Great movie.

Earlier he (and the other Regular Joes) bought one of my Red Special Ray Guns each, but in black/silver.

So he said “Can you make a compensator for John Wick’s H&K P30?”

And I said “Yeah, I think so.”

The issue was, he had the Airsoft H&K P30 replica and I didn’t. He offered to ship it to me, but shipping it to me, and me shipping it back, the cost was … well, I bought one of my own.


All I had to go on were some photos and what I could find online:

jw-03 jw-02 jw-01

After some measuring, I had a compensator with a good fit to the orange barrel.

As you probably know, toy and replica guns must have an orange or red barrel to distinguish it from a real weapon.

My compensator fit over the orange barrel obscuring it completely. But that’s how it had to work to fit.


So I created a piece to fit into the compensator barrel which is the same color.

airsoft-p30-05 airsoft-p30-06

This adheres to the law and standard.

airsoft-p30-07 airsoft-p30-04


I made this one for a friend (and for me) and am not going to sell any weapon replicas that can ever be mistaken for the real thing. I would gladly make and sell 1:6 scale versions for GI Joe figures at some point but please do not contact me and ask me for the files or a printed version.

I am also not making the STL files available.

When it comes down to it, you can easily carve one out of wood if you really want one. I just am not a wood carver, so I used the tools I know.

9 thoughts on “John Wick Pistol Compensator

  1. Because I know some people really like to use them for movie props like I would I have that airsoft gun and I’ve been Looking for something to make it look like for my film I wanna make.

    • Asked and answered before. Please read comments.

      I do not sell, give away, or in any other way distrubute any realistic 1:1 scale weaponry.

      Ray guns are one thing… but anything that can be taken as a real weapon, no way.

    • The compensator was designed and printed specifically to fit the Airsoft HK P30. I’m not sure what the “spring” means, but if it’s like mine, yes, it does fit.

      But no, I am not selling this. I made this specifically for a friend and I have had multiple offers to sell them.

      I am a modeler, toy collector, toy maker. I will never sell anything that can be taken as a real weapon. Miniatures, sure. But nothing that can ever be used as if it were a weapon.

      I have had offers from Iran of all places. I think you can understand why I do not want to participate in anything that could in any way be construed or used in any way to make someone think it is a real weapon. That is NOT for me.

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