Huxter Labs (Huxter Industries) – Where did the Logo come from?

For some years now I have been creating toys under the Huxter Labs and Huxter Industries names. The back story is that Huxter Labs (or Huxter Laboratory Industries) now outfits the Adventure Team in an unofficial capacity. And for years I have been using this logo:

So where did this come from?

It is a simple evolution of the Adventure Team Logo.

The Adventure Team Logo is an A and a T in black on a red field. It has been in use since 1970. It has been revived in more recent years by Hasbro as a Classic Collection series of figures and accessories, and even used on a few Sigma Six figures.

Every GI Joe Adventure Team enthusiast knows and loves this logo. So I decided to make a logo that would evoke the original while being wholly my own.

First, I removed the upright that forms the vertical part of the letter T:

Then I split it down the middle:

Then I flipped the right vertically:

For the Huxter Labs Logo:

But I didn’t want it to look too much like the Adventure Team, so I removed the red field:

Then decided on a blue color.

But why this shape? Just a half-upside-down AT logo?

H for Huxter:

L for Labs:

And if I want the option to use the Industries part:

I hope that clears that up.

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