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Smoke Jumper Set

First in the Adventure of GI JOE Carded Accessory sets!

Hasbro had begun producing carded accessory sets again in the late 1990s. Most of these were military of origin, including a cool Combat Photographer set that had several cameras and other items. This set, Smoke Jumper, harkened back to one of the most popular vintage Adventure Team sets ever - the Smoke Jumper. That set sells very well on the collector market today.

This set is composed of some very nice fire-fighting accessories including a nice axe, (a far cry from the universally criticized axe from the Perils of the Raging Inferno set, which was rather flat and featureless.) This axe was properly proportioned and shaped, and was quite nice. It also had a canteen, bandanna, sunglasses, fire extinguisher with pouch, folding pocket knife, oxygen tank and mask, harness belt (which all the equipment can fit into) with helmet, 2 M.R.Es, as well as a nice yellow helmet with heat shield and flashlight.

All you had to have to complete an excellent Smoke Jumper Joe is to toss on some jeans, some boots, and a nice woods shirt. I found this old shirt at a trade. I think it's an old Ken shirt.

This set has all the earmarks of an Adventure Team set. It seems to me Hasbro was testing the market for Adventure Team accessory sets. The bright red, black and yellow equipment was just the sort of thing that defined the Adventure Team, what with its theme of rescue and adventure. (The original Smoke Jumper set had all yellow, red and black accessories too.)

In my opinion, for one who was hoping beyond hope that Hasbro would revive the Adventure Team, this set was a clear home run!

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