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Store Exclusive Adventure Team Sets

August 2007 WalMart Adventure Team Kung Fu Grip Collection
Air Adventurer
Land Adventurer
Man of Action
Sea Adventurer

In 2004 Meijers commissioned two Exclusive GI Joe Adventure Team Timeless Collection Sets
In late 2006, Hot Topic brought out a Kung Fu Grip Land Adventurer in coffin-box.
In early 2007, Urban Outfitters brought out a Kung Fu Grip Air Adventurer in coffin-box.
Rendezvous at Danger Pass
Search for the Radioactive Satellite
Hot Topic
KFG Land Adventurer
Urban Outfitters
KFG Air Adventurer


GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusives

The GI Joe Collectors' Club has produced several Adventure Team Exclusive figures.
Land Adventurer
Air Adventurer
Counter Culture Adventurer
Talking Commander
Sea Adventurer
Aged Adventurer
Foreign Adventurer
Arctic Adventurer


Adventure Team Sets

Between the years of 2000 and 2004 Hasbro has re-introduced the Adventure Team for collectors. Some have been a revisiting of vintage sets, and others have given us new material to work with. Please select from the boxes below to see more. Note: Since 1995 Hasbro has announced the complete discontinuation of the 12" line, and especially the Adventure Team.
Secret of the Mummy's Tomb
Danger of the Depths
Search for the Yeti
Secret of Planet Xenome
Secret of the Savage Swamp
a(Some comparisons to vintage sets include photos from Derryl DePriest's excellent reference book "The Collectible GI Joe: An Official Guide to his Action-Packed World" - the only book for collectors!)


Timeless Collection Adventure Team Sets


In tandem with the modern Adventure Team sets, Hasbro is also re-producing vintage Adventure Team sets in its Timeless Collection series, using figures that closer resemble the original 1970-76 Adventure Team figures and gear.
Black Spider Rendezvous
Undercover Agent
Eight Ropes of Danger
aSkydive to Danger


Carded Adventure Team Equipment Sets

And to go with the new modern AT sets, Hasbro has released new carded equipment sets that were intended to complement the boxed sets.
Ski Extreme Mission
Mouth of Doom Mission



Adventures Of GI Joe Sets

But before all of these sets, Hasbro introduced The Adventures Of GI Joe, which were in spirit Adventure Team sets, even reprising original AT sets. The only thing missing was the Adventure Team name and logo.
Challenge at Hawk River
Save the Tiger
Peril of the Raging Inferno
Trouble at Prosperity Bank
Trouble at Coyote Crossing
Rescue the Pygmy Gorilla


Adventures of GI Joe Carded Accessory Set.
Smoke Jumper Set


GI Joe

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