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Club Exclusive Land Adventurer

First in the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Adventure Team Reproductions!

The Contents

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Adventure Team, the GI Joe Collectors' Club went out of its way in 2000 to re-produce an iconic GI Joe - the Land Adventurer. As a kid, I loved my Land Adventurer. The camouflage uniform was a bit too military for me, but I loved him nonetheless. He was not my favorite Joe - that honor went to the Sea Adventurer. What can I say? The red hair won me over.

This Joe comes with a reproduction of the box, with accurate art on the front, though it has modern items printed on the sides. This, I'm sure, was to discourage people trying to pass this off as vintage.

In the box, the Joe (with hard hands, like the first wave of Adventure Team joes) comes dressed in black boots, camouflage uniform, shoulder-holster with pistol. He wears a metal dog-tag. He comes with instructions on boot removal (always a bit of a problem with the hard-plastic boots) and a pamphlet on the history of the Adventure Team.

As a special treat, this figure comes with a small metal Adventure Team pin.

The dog-tags harken back to the vintage gray AT logo that was a signature piece of all of the Adventure Team Joes. For the 30th anniversary figures, the club created shiny metal tags that look just like the original AT tags at the front, and a 30th Anniversary commemoration.

The box is, as I said, a very nice reproduction of an original Air Adventurer box, but with ad panels for modern items available through the club. To otherwise distinguish this box from an original, the text "30 Years of Adventure" is printed at the bottom of the front panel.

Left Side
Box Front
Right Side

One extra bonus came with this figure. The club's original run of the Lebel pistol was actually based on the Action Man version, which was incorrect.

The repro of the original Adventure Team Lebel Pistol

The Action Man version of the pistol


The Head

This is a fine reproduction of the head of the original Land Adventurer with excellent flocking in the proper brown-black color.

(Click for larger image)
(Click for larger image)
The Paperwork

The box also includes a fold-over pamphlet commemorating 30 years of Adventure.


This figure was far too expensive for me when it first came out, so I passed on it. It now sells on eBay for about double or triple what I would have paid for it at the time, which was in the vicinity of $70.00.

Overall Rating

(Thanks to Jerry Gonzales for the photos. I don't actually own this one.)


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