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Mouth of Doom Mission

Second in the new Adventure Team Carded Accessory sets!

Hasbro's second carded Adventure Team set was called Mouth of Doom Mission and included an alligator, backpack, shotgun, knife, shovel, capture noose and brown pith helmet.

Probably responding to the universal love collectors shared for the pith helmet released in Secret of the Mummy's Tomb a couple of years earlier, Hasbro released a new brown version.

Sadly, however, this set has nothing else in it that attracted AT fans. While a trademark of the Adventure Team was bright primary colors, they did not include Da-Glo(tm) colors in lime and lemon yellow.

The backpack is oversized and its straps look very bad. Rehashed, I believe, from an old Action Man set, it really didn't have anything desirable in the way of detail, and just looked awkward on Joe.

It seems this set was meant to complement not the (as of then) upcoming Attack of the Savage Swamp, but in fact the Secret of the Mummy's Tomb set.

Card Back

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The shovel and knife in orange were a little more acceptable, but together, Joe looked like he was wearing a melon fruit salad. It was not popular.

The alligator looks to be the same one that Hasbro released a few years earlier with its Timeless Collection set Mission to Spy Island.

Only what seems like a few months passed after the release of this set, that Hasbro released Attack of the Savage Swamp which had a far superior alligator. It doesn't even seem these two sets were meant to complement each other since they conflict in their gear. The capture noose in this set is non-functional. That is to say, it is immobile. The noose does not contract.

Most collectors left this set on shelves. Not sure what the sales looked like, but to me, even though I support the revising of the Adventure Team wholeheartedly, could not jusify buying this set. Even for the great looking pith helmet, $7.99 was too much for me. Though many collectors I know did claim they bought it for the hat only.

Better luck next time, Hasbro.

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