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Club Exclusive Counter Culture Adventurer

Third in the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Adventure Team Reproductions!

For the 2003 Convention, the GI Joe Club produced the Counter-Culture Joe. This Joe was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Adventure Team more than anything.

Based on stories about just why the GI Joe team got long hair and beards, and got all peaceful-like, the Counter-Culture Joe was created with even longer flocked hair, sideburns, loose bell-bottom jeans, large boots, a bright, colorful dashiki over a white t-shirt.

GI Joe Adventure Team agents commonly wear an AT dog-tag. This Joe wears a tag that has a peace sign instead.

But the secret of this GI Joe is that underneath the dashiki is a white t-shirt with AT logo, and shoulder-holster with pistol. Hardly a harmless peacenik. Joe is, after all, simply undercover to infiltrate the drug sub-culture. And the peace-sign? Flip it around, and voila! The AT dog-tag appears, this time in full color.


The head sculpt is the standard AT Man of Action, with longer flocking, and long sideburns.

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This figure was a convention exclusive, and did not come with a box. He came in a poly-bag with a folded-over and stapled label.

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As a bit of a joke, the club went all-out here, and produced a fine figure that will be the pride of my collection! Thanks, guys, not only for your dedication, but for your sense of humor!

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