Undercover Agent

In 2002 Hasbro introduced a Toys R Us exclusive Timeless Classic Adventure Team reproduction set called Undercover Agent, which reprised the vintage Secret Agent (#7375) set very accurately.

The set sold for $29.95 at TRU which many people thought was high. Compared to the previous set, Black Spider Rendezvous, which was a Target exclusive at $24.95, the critics were right. The Turbo-Copter alone made the BSR set worth it. This set didn't have such a huge hook, but all in all, Undercover Agent was a more accurate reproduction than Black Spider Rendezvous.


The Story

The story on the back of the box introduces the Black Dragon organization. GI Joe has to inflitrate the Black Dragon organization, and to remain unrecognized must use a mask to disguise himself. In his briefcase is communication gear and a weapon that can combine to make a sniper rifle.

The GI JOE team sends a secret agent on a top-secret spy mission into the heart of the evil BLACK DRAGON organization! The agent must keep his identity secret, so he is outfitted with a special mask to disguise his face from his enemies. Hidden in an unassuming briefcase is a communications device to contact the GI JOE team when he has acquired the information. Will he get the top-secret information and escape from BLACK DRAGON without being detected?


The Figure

This figure is the second Timeless Collection Kung Fu Grip Joe with brown flocked hair. The figure was the "Man of Action" figure, which had dark brown hair and no beard. Again, no beard. Collectors were disappointed, since this figure could easily have used another hair color. The included mask would never fit over a bearded Joe, so it would have made much more sense for this figure to be in this set, while an Air Adventurer would have made more sense in Black Spider Rendezvous.

The set includes a TC KFG flocked Joe wearing brown pants and shirt (with AT logo and black tie), a brown trench-coat, standard AT boots, but no shoulder holster, which differs from the vintage set. I guess since this figure had the brief-case with modifiable Luger, a shoulder-holster must have seemed redundant, but to be a better reproduction, it should have been included.

The figure comes wearing a beautiful metal Adventure Team dog-tag.


The Gear

The brown outfit is a good reproduction of the original Secret Agent set. There were some variations on the agent's overcoat, however, so I'm not sure how closely this one resembles the original. It's a nice outfit, but why would an undercover agent have a large red AT logo emblazoned on his chest if he's trying to hide his identity?

Included with this set are a mask with thin moustache, a great version of the original, orange map case and map, three grenades, red flashlight, black binoculars, knife with sheath, red bullet-proof vest, and belt.

The showpiece in this set was an item I loved as a kid when my cousin gave me his Secret Agent set. It is a small brief-case that contains a small reel-to-reel tape recording device, a Luger with butt-stock and long barrel which can be assembled to be a sniper rifle.

The original case wasn't green, the gun was silver and the tape recorder was white. Otherwise this reproduction is quite accurate.
Here, the gun is assembled, and the tape recorder with microphone is laid out.

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Vintage "Secret Agent" Set
(From The Collectible GI Joe, by Derryl DePriest)


The Box

This box recalls the nostalgic feeling of the vintage 1970s sets. On the cover, a masked Joe, wearing the brown outfit and talking into a communication device and grasping his briefcase, looking over his shoulder, seemingly aware an enemy is close.

Box Front

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The back of the box shows a close-up detail of the Joe painting against a background of a dark back alley, a setting which makes sense to the set. Also present is a painted version of various other Adventure Team members with different hair colors.

Box Back

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The side of the box shows Joe as he appears on the front, watching over his shoulder.


This set was the second in a line of Timeless Collection Adventure Team reproductions. As a following act for Black Spider Rendezvous, Hasbro had a tough time beating its previous offering. However, despite luke-warm reaction to this one, and the fact that it warmed Toys R Us shelves for two years before they discounted it, I still think it's every bit as good as the Black Spider set, and is one of my personal favorites as I had this set given to me by my cousin as a kid.

Overall Rating


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