WalMart Kung Fu Grip Adventurer

In August, 2007, WalMart introduced five reproductions of the original Kung Fu Grip Adventure Team members. This is the Adventurer (now often called the African American Adventurer). Here we see the old-style box, not seen on store shelves since the 1970s. Some people have pointed out the problem with the text on the box whic, at the bottom, says "With life-like hair and beard" which is accurate for most of the Adventure Team, but not the Adventurer, as he has no beard.

The ad for the five is in magazines.

This is a nicely coordinated resurgence of the Adventure Team with Kung Fu Grip. The Club Exclusive figures are accurate reproductions of the pre-KFG Joes with the "nosepicker" hands. The WalMart Joes are less accurate in many respects, but the look and feel are well re-created.

The Figure

The box comes with a plastic form insert in which Joe is wired firmly. Which makes no sense to me because I would think such wiring is designed to prevent the Joe from easily sliding out of his box and stolen. However, since the plastic form is in no way attached to the box, it is easily slid out of his box and stolen.

But the figure inside is a nice version of the Adventurer, complete with his tan uniform, shoulder holster and Lebel pistol.

Now there is some dissatisfaction from fans because the original Adventure Team with Kung Fu Grip did not come with the shoulder-holster and pistol, but a rifle and strap. The original "nosepicker" AT Joes did come with the shoulder-holster and pistol, however. Personally, I think that most people remember the shoulder holsters and would think that the figures wouldn't feel like Adventure Team without the shoulder-holster and pistol. I also think that tossing in the rifle would have been a great move.

The figure also comes with a form to join the GI Joe Collectors' Club.

Front Face

The hair flocking is excellent on this one. It appears to be the right amount of thickness and the color is nice. The figure suffers from a small amount of bed-head (the hair being flattened by the plastic form) but not as bad as it could be.

The figure comes with a nicely accurate reproduction of the plastic Adventure Team dog-tag.


I find this an excellent reproduction. The headsculpt, the hair, the eye paint, everything is quite nice. I can't vouch for accuracy compared to the original because I don't have one to compare it to. It does, however, look great, and recreates the feel of the original AT figure well. 10/10

Overall Rating


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