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Club Exclusive Sea Adventurer

Fourth in the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Adventure Team Reproductions!

The Figure

The fourth accurate reproduction of the original Adventure Team figures, the GI Joe Sea Adventurer was always my favorite Joe.

Dressed in jeans and a jean-shirt (simple adaptation of the original military Joe's Marine) was just the kind of clothes kids wore in 1970. Also, the red hair and beard of this figure made him my favorite. Perhaps because my mother had red hair. Who knows. I just thought his look was just about perfect.

The price was $43.00 (club price) plus shipping. As a non-club member, you can purchase this figure, but you will pay the rate equal to joining the club on top of the $43.00 price.

The head is flocked with red hair and beard. The hands the nose-pickers, rather than Kung Fu Grip, as the original AT figures didn't have KFG until 1974, and this is meant to reproduce the first-issue Sea Adventurer.

As a special treat, this figure comes with an extra AT sticker and a cloisonne pin designed after the GI Joe Adventure Team Sea Sled, which featured prominently in the great sea-going adventure, Shark's Surprise.

Also included are reproductions of the original boot removal instructions and a booklet on the history of the Adventure Team by Barry Kay.

This is the extra AT sticker and the Cloisonne pin of the Sea Sled in its bag.


The dog-tags are metal cast tags with the AT logo on the front and the increasingly inappropriate text: "1970-2000 30 Years of adventure" which is the same dogtag from the original tag made for Land Adventurer.


The Figure and Gear

The Sea Adventurer comes with the standard black shoulder holster, repro pistol, dog-tag, as well as an extra AT pin and Sea Sled cloisonne pin.


The Box

The box is a beautiful reproduction of an original Sea Adventurer box, with its bright sea-green sky over a dark roiling ocean. The sides have ad panels for modern items available through the club such as the past AT exclusive repros, and some of the Convention Exclusives that are available to purchase. The cardboard is quite sturdy, unlike the flimsier boxes I recall that came with my original Joes.

(Click for larger image)


The Paperwork

As with most vintage GI Joes, this one comes with instructions for boot removal:

Click for larger image

Also included was a leaflet with some historical information about the Adventure Team Adventurer.



The Head

Using the same headsculpt that GI Joe had been using since its introduction in 1964, the Sea Adventurer has brown eyes, brown eyebrows, and a very nice red hair and beard.

This is the front of the head.
(Click for larger image)
Side view.
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As has become tradition for me now, this Adventurer is my March 2005 birthday gift, but I ordered it late, and it didn't arrive until April. I shot the photos at the time, and completely forgot to create this page until nearly a year later, when I was doing the Adventurer's page. It was only then that I realized I hadn't created this page yet.

Since this was my childhood favorite GI Joe, and the reproduction of it is nigh perfect, I give this club exclusive AT repro a score of 10 out of 10 and well-deserved!

Overall Rating


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