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Club Exclusive Adventurer

Fifth in the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Adventure Team Reproductions!

The Figure

As the fifth accurate reproduction of the original Adventure Team figures, the GI Joe Adventurer (also known as the AA or African-American Adventurer) is a very nice reproduction of a nice original product. Keep in mind he was introduced in 1970 at a time when including a man of color would have been considered daring and bold. Especially one with an afro like the Adventurer. He was introduced alongside his caucasian fellows with no decreased status. In fact Hasbro even made an AA Talking Commander from this head-sculpt later.

This figure did not have a designated area of adventure like the Land Adventurer, Sea Adventurer and the Air Adventurer. Rather he was free to partake in any adventure, a kind of jack-of-all-trades. This was not to demean him, but rather to place him on par with the Man of Action figure, who aslo had no specific adventure designation.

The price was $43.00 (club price) plus shipping. As a non-club member, you can purchase this figure, but you will pay the rate equal to joining the club on top of the $43.00 price.

Dressed in reproduction tan uniform, the Adventurer looks clean-cut and cool. Like the rest of the Adventure Team, the Adventurer wears a black shoulder holster with reproduction revolver. The AT logo sits above one pocket. An extra AT logo comes with the figure to use as you see fit.

The head is flocked with black hair in a way that closely resembles the original, which does have that Afro look. The hands the nose-pickers, rather than Kung Fu Grip, as the original AT figures didn't have KFG until 1974, and this is meant to reproduce the first-issue Adventurer.

As a special treat, this figure comes with an extra AT sticker and a cloisonne pin designed after the GI Joe Adventure Team ATV, which featured prominently in the great "Secret of the Mummy's Tomb" playset, a real GI Joe gem.

Also included are reproductions of the original boot removal instructions and a booklet on the history of the Adventure Team by Barry Kay.

This is the extra AT sticker and the Cloisonne pin of the ATV in its bag.


The pin, opened in its glory.

The dog-tags are metal cast tags with the AT logo on the front and the increasingly inappropriate text: "1970-2005 35 Years of adventure" which is different from the original tag made for Land Adventurer. This new cast celebrates 35 years of Adventure Team, rather than the 30 year anniversary when the Land Adventurer was released.


The Gear

The Adventurer comes with the standard black shoulder holster, repro pistol, dog-tag, as well as an extra AT pin and ATV cloisonne pin.

In later years, the Adventure Team introduced a brown holster, and when I think of it, this outfit would have been better served with brown boots and shoulder holster. But alas, all is not lost. The new Foreign Adventurer (announced in late Feb, 2006) will have an optional accessory pack that will include a black outfit with brown boots and holster. Perhaps if you buy both, you can swap the black for brown, and use this one's black boots and holster with the black accessory set that will come with the Foreign Adventurer. But in the interest of reproductive accuracy, this figure includes the original black holster and boots.


The Box

The box is a gorgeous reproduction of an original Adventurer box, with its bright orange desert sky. The sides have ad panels for modern items available through the club such as the past AT exclusive repros, and some of the Convention Exclusives that are available to purchase. The cardboard is quite sturdy, unlike the flimsier boxes I recall that came with my original Joes.

(Click for larger image)

The Paperwork

As with most vintage GI Joes, this one comes with instructions for boot removal:

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Also included was a leaflet with some historical information about the Adventure Team Adventurer.



The Figure

A year after Hasbro introduced GI Joe as a military fighting man in 1964, they introduced an African-American fighting man. However, it used the same head-sculpt as the Caucasian Joe, molded in brown tones. For the Adventure Team Adventurer, Hasbro created a new head-sculpt that closer depicted the African-American facial features. The face is gorgeous, and has been a collector favorite ever since it was introduced.

This is the front of the head.
(Click for larger image)
Side view.
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Here, the Adventurer stands proude, with his desert outfit, ready for action.

In fighting stance, he is ready to take on the world.


As has become tradition for me now, this Adventurer is my 2006 birthday gift, though I got it a little early. I like this figure - it's a nice reproduction. However, my wife and I agree that his eyes have too much paint. They are a bit too large for the face. But in the original run that was also the case, so I guess this really is a fine reproduction. I never owned this figure originally, of the 11 GI Joes I owned as a child and I finally have a chance to have him in new condition. Thanks to the Club. However, he was never my favorite figure. The Sea Adventurer takes that prize, and after that the Air Adventurer. I guess I just liked the red hair and the orange jumpsuit. This guy came in a close third, though, so I give him a 9 out of 10 score.

Overall Rating


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