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Trouble at Coyote Crossing

Trouble at Prosperity Bank

This "Adventures of" set is another very basic carded set, and sells for a low price to attract a younger market. It seems that Hasbro thought police fit into the "Adventures Of" sets, but changed their mind. A third set, Texas Ranger Manhunt is very similar to this set and Trouble at Prosperity Bank but it is conspicuously missing the "Adventures Of" text over the title of the set.

(Texas Ranger Manhunt)

Trouble at Coyote Crossing is a nice set. It has a campaign hat, similar to those worn by many state police officers, as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada with their dress uniforms. The figure is a Gung-Ho Grip Muscle Classic Collection Joe.

The figure comes with belt and various police gear, a decent uniform, including a nice pair of shoes.

Card Front

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You can see by the carded front of this package that Hasbro moved the "Adventures Of GI Joe" from the GI Joe logo at the top (like all other Adventures Of sets) down to the name of the set. They seem to be edging away from the "Adventures Of" line with this figure, and complete the move by the time Texas Ranger Manhunt is on shelves.


Card Back

Prosperity Bank (18K)
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