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Ski Extreme Mission

First in the new Adventure Team Carded Accessory sets!

This is the real gear, as it appeared in the pack. Helmet (significantly different from the prototype) goggles (I believe these are the right ones) backpack satellite communication backpack, headphones, gun, white skis and poles. Tell me why a brightly colored AT set has a helmet that is gray with olive drab detail? And why the backpack has olive detail as well? Especially when the Yeti set this was obviously intended to complement was orange and blue.

(Note: The skis, bindings and poles were white, unlike this prototype image used for promotional purposes.)

Hasbro, shortly after introducing the Search for the Yeti boxed figure set, released this carded set meant, obviously, to complement the Yeti set.

The set consisted of skis, poles and bindings molded in white, along with headphones, goggles, a helmet, a gun, and a cool backpack satellite communications package.

The skis, boots and bindings seem to be a re-hash of Action Man gear. This is a common practice by Hasbro, which makes a lot of sense. The skis, however, have AT logos on them.

These items came from an Action Man set also called Ski Extreme. Also called Summit Challenge. But why go with these plain straight poles, when the Action Man poles were so cool?

(Click for larger image of the prototype gear)

The gun may also be an Action Man cast-off, I'm not sure.

The backpack, however, is. Still, it is a great backpack. Disguised as a simple backpack, (with AT logo) the pack opens up to reveal a dish antenna and communications computer.

Here, we see the backpack closed, with gun stored in the side pouch.
Here, the top flips up, the back panel drops down, and the headphones are stored in the keypad area. Dish is in stowed position.


This is the actual backpack, opened up, with the satellite dish in position. When stowed, the dish plugs into the small hole above the screen. The headphones store in the keypad area. This is an excellent piece for the Adventure Team. Highly detailed and apparently functional.

Click the screen or keypad above for larger images.


This set is well worth the $7.99, just for the backpack alone. The gun fits into one of the two bulging protrusions along the sides of the backpack.

The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb - 1970
(Click to see larger image)

Note on the back of the card you can see the Search for the Yeti uniform but in white and yellow, as opposed to blue and orange.

This set got collectors excited. It had too many rehashed elements, but it showed a commitment by Hasbro to re-introduce the Adventure Team carded accessory set, a mainstay of the 1970s vintage era. This was a good sign.

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