Rendezvous at Danger Pass


In 2004 Hasbro announced that there would be no new Adventure Team sets other than two store exclusives. Meijer, a store chain in the northern US area, would carry two Timeless Collection Adventure Team Joes. These were to use the 40th Anniversary bodies, flocked, with reproduction uniforms of the original Adventure Team Joes. Each would come with the AT shoulder holster and dog-tag, and would have Kung Fu Grip. Each would be packed with reproduction Adventure Team gear, and to top it all off, each would come in a reproduction coffin box like the original Joes. Not enough for you? How about they would be priced at $15.00

Sound too good to be true? It's not.

One of these sets is Rendezvous at Danger Pass.

The problem then became, for most Adventure Team fans, how to get them? eBay was one way, but they were selling for two, three, sometimes four or more times the retail price.

The GI Joe Collectors' Club struck a deal to sell these for a little more than the retail price and shipping, which, for those who didn't have a Meijers nearby, was a pretty good deal. But their supply was limited.

Eventually I got a pair of each figure from a fellow poster on a non-Joe-related forum, for which I'm very grateful. These sets may be quite valuable in future because of how difficult it is to get into the hands of collectors. But for me the value lies in having them, never selling them.


The Figure

This is the first series of the flocked Timeless Collection to use the 40th Anniversary body. Grayer, wobbly at the hips, this figure's head sculpt is the least like the originals since Hasbro began creating the Timeless Collection. The faces seem leaner, mis-shapen somehow. And the flocking resembles the newer Adventure Team figures, (thinner, shorter) rather than the reproduction figures from other Timeless Collection figures and from the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusives (which had far superior flocking.) The flocking of this figure is very short in comparison to original AT Joes.

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The figure, like other Timeless Collection AT reproductions, has Kung Fu Grip, which means he can actually hold things, unlike the original GI Joe hands, which were inexplicably useless. (What is inexplicable is how a toy ever shipped with such a useless feature.)

The figure is dressed in reproduction Land Adventurer camouflage fatigues with AT logo at the chest. He wears standard short black GI Joe boots and shoulder-holster with six-shooter pistol, and plastic repro dog tag.


The Gear

The gear with Rendezvous at Danger Pass is a bit of a mish-mash of Adventure Team reproduction parts.

The set comes with the facemask and briefcase from Secret Agent (#7375). The briefcase opens to reveal a Luger pistol (normally silver, but black in this set) with rifle stock and barrel extender. Very James Bond. Also included in the briefcase is a small tape recording device (normally white, but black in this set).

Red binoculars (more often black or silver) were first seen in Secret Mission (#8030) and the Walkie-talkie in all black (rather than with silver speaker) is a reproduction of the one in Emergency Rescue (#7374) and seen in many other sets, including the TC repro Black Spider Rendezvous.

The Search-Light and green field radio backpack come from Secret Mission to Spy Island (#7411) (and many other sets). The light has been updated to have a translucent lens, rather than just painted yellow.

And as a highly desirable feature, this set comes packaged with a very nice reproduction coffin box, with depictions of other classic AT sets on the side.


The Box

This box differs from the previous four TC AT sets. It's much like a widened version of the previous ones, done in green, it's most similar to the Eight Ropes of Danger set from the previous year. The right-hand window-box features the Joe and his gear. The left is reserved for the coffin box which, in my opinion, is worth the price of the set alone.

The back of the box has a gorgeous depiction of six classic Adventure Team paintings from vintage packaging: Black Widow Rendezvous, Fate of the Troubleshooter, White Tiger Hunt, Underwater Explorer, Drag Bike and Jaws of Death. It's a beautiful tribute to the vintage AT era.

The back of the box also has a brief description of the life of a member of the Adventure Team, and the story of Rendezvous at Danger Pass.


The Story

The story on the back of the box again mentions the Black Dragon organization, once again up to no good. GI Joe has to find and shut down the Black Dragon black market of precious objects to finance their illegal schemes.

The GI JOE® ADVENTURE TEAM® boldly leaps into the unknown, grappling danger with the full strength of the KUNG FU GRIPTM! To be a member of the ADVENTURE TEAM, you must have nerves of steel, laugh in the face of peril, and be willing to test your courage against insurmountable odds. Giant sharks, secret spies, menacing asteroids, and monsters of mythical proportions... just a typical day's work for these intrepid heroes. Springing into action at a moment's notice, the ADVENTURE TEAM stands ready to deal with any problem, any time, anywhere.

The BLACK DRAGON® criminal gang has been bringing stolen artifacts through a remote Tibetan mountain pass. The precious objects are being sold on the black market to finance other illegal schemes. The GI JOE ADVENTURE TEAM® sets out to shut down the operation. Traveling under the pseudonym "T.R. Pleasant," the LAND ADVENTURER® is sent ahead to monitor the gang in preparation for an assault. Precise, immediate information is vital for this mission to succeed, so he carries extensive communcations gear to stay in contact with the rest of the team. But the BLACK DRAGON criminals also have sophisticated communications equipment. Will they intercept the team member's signals and plot an ambush of their own? Danger lies ahead as the GI JOE ADVENTURE TEAM heads for a RENDEZVOUS AT DANGER PASS!


Not for the first time, Hasbro has immortalized one of our own. (Barry Kay's name is printed on the computer in Danger of the Depths). In this story, the Land Adventurer travels under the pseudonym T.R. Pleasant, a flattering and envious homage to one of the more productive and prominent collectors out there whose AESOP stories have inspired many, myself included, to do more with the hobby.

The side of the box highlights the Timeless Collection theme. The other side has a list of contents.

Bed Head

This figure has a problem when removed from the box. These days it's fashionable to place an action figure's head in a formed piece of plastic that will hold the head firmly in place. This is usually not a problem for most figures, but when the figure has flocked hair, it can be a disaster.

In this picture you can see where the plastic form pressed down the flocked hair. It is not terribly visible from the front, but from any other angle it's just awful.

But stress not! There is a fix!

Boil a kettle. While the steam is pouring from the spout, hold Joe's head directly into the steam. Not too close, but close enough to get the heat and water on his head. His face should look like it's sweating profusely. Hold it there for a while, removing it from time to time (so as not to fully melt the glue holding the hair in place.)

After a few minutes you should notice the flocked hair standing back up to attention. DO NOT TOUCH the head while doing this.

After the heat goes down a bit, you may prod the hair a little, gently, with a soft toothbrush, to help it stand up. But this should only be done if you're experienced. You can remove the flocking easily this way if you're not careful.

However, with care and patience, you can end up with a perfectly good head with no "bed head".



This set has several problems for collectors:


That said, this set is a collector's dream. Even with the shortcomings mentioned above, this set is wonderful. At $15.00 (and I got mine on sale for less than $10.00 each) the price is so low as to make anyone want one of these. I'm hoping that kids (in the area around Meijers' stores) pick these up and find out just how wonderful GI Joe can be.

The Kung Fu Grip was a good idea. The old hard hands are useless and Kung Fu Grip with this new, resillient plastic, far outdoes the original KFG which used to break way too easily.

The outfit and gear are excellent if you wish to fill in a hole in a vintage collection or just want the feel of vintage at a great price. And for those who are looking for repro coffin boxes, this set pays for itself even without the figure and gear.

It's great to see the AT logo on the figure again (though I'm mystified why it wasn't used on the box like the past four Timeless Collection series.)

I have to say that if I was designing this set, the only things I would have changed would have been to add the logo to the box, use the older TC body, and flock the hair thicker.

In assessing this set, I must weigh price in and at that price, the set is well worth 8.5 out of 10.

Overall Rating


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