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Club Exclusive Arctic Adventurer

Eighth in the GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Adventure Team Reproductions!

The Prototype

2007's Club Exclusive Freebie (for joining the GI Joe Collectors' Club) was a welcome modification to last year's Foreign Adventurer. Using the same foreign head sculpt, this time the Club flocked it in red, and the result is rather nice. The basic figure was a basic AT nose-picker Joe wearing a white t-shirt with AT logo, much like the Foreign Adventurer, but his shorts are white with AT logos printed in a repeating pattern all over them.

This rocks!

Photographs of the prototypes hit the Club's web site were promising! (Seen here)

The description of the figure was announced thusly:

The 2007 12" figure continues last year's direction for Club's membership 12" figures. The Club is calling this year's totally new figure the "Arctic Adventurer". This figure will come with a vintage-styled body and a red flocked foreign head. The figure will be dressed in a tee shirt with Adventure Team emblem and special AT symbol print shorts. He will have the same style flocking as the Club Sea Adventurer. In addition, this is the second year that the club has produced an exclusive accessory set designed for the members' only free figure. The poly-bagged accessory set (not included with the figure) will consist of white cargo pants, white jacket with AT emblem, Adventure Team dog tag, white short boots, side arm and white holster and a special arctic hunting rifle. The accessory set will be available for purchase separately.

The accessory set was to include the following items:

I was once again giddy with excitement.

The Headsculpt

The Foreign headsculpt is once again used for the Arctic Adventurer, like last year. This year, however, it is flocked in red for an attractive result.

The Actual Figure

The basic figure (free with membership) has only the shorts and the t-shirt.


The Accessory Set

However, it has also been announced that members will be able to purchase an accessory pack with the Arctic Adventurer for $20.00. (Club price. Non-members pay the membership fee on top, for a total of $56.00). Members could order extra figures and/or accessory sets.

Here is the final accessory set, exactly the same as promised. White winter jacket with fur-lined collar and gray waist and cuffs. The AT logo is on the breast. White pants with thigh pockets, white boots and an nice item - a white shoulder holster. Hasbro never made this in white. With that comes the standard AT Lebel revolver. It also comes with a never-before-produced white version of the AT Rifle with black highlights. And to cap off the set, the plastic AT dog tag.

The figure, wearing the accessory pack, is pictured below:

A very nicely coordinated outfit in white cotton with gray highlights. The collar is gray fur.
The accessory set comes with a white version of the original Adventure Team rifle.

The accessory set also comes with a plastic 35th Anniversary Adventure Team dog tag. Unlike last year's, this one is not made of metal but of plastic like the original AT tags.

Ladies and gentlemen: I introduce to you my new AT Team's standard uniform!!! I'm going to have to get a few of those leather jackets!



Like I said about last year's Freebie figure, the Foreign Adventurer, this is exactly the direction I'd like to see the club going, and this year they did it again with an excellet quality set of accessories for a nice figure with nicely-flocked red hair on a head that Hasbro never flocked during the original AT era. Bravo club! And the added humor of the AT boxer shorts puts this one over the top. Like last year's figure, I'll give this one an 11 out of 10.

Overall Rating


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