The Promise

Sean Huxter

Release 1 - Spring Thing 2011

Your village lives a harsh life of perpetual winter and has for as long as you can remember. As a young boy unable to go on the hunt, you may find that, with almost everyone away, you can be of some use to your village. Today holds such promise!


MAPS AND FEELIES! (Feelie packets now available!)


MAPS - Note: Updated

Because some interpreters (such as Parchment) do not correctly display graphics in .gblorb format, I have provided maps here, including large-format versions at laser print quality for those who want to print their own "feelies".


Also, feelies are now availabe. Feelie packets include four maps printed on parchment paper (Village, Village with room overlay; Forest, Forest with room overlay), a wax-sealed letter, and a replica of the wolf's head amulet.

Ice Wolf Cove village

The Forest




Village - parchment


Village with Rooms - parchment


Village - white


Village with Rooms - white


Forest - parchment


Forest with Rooms - parchment


Forest - white


Forest with Rooms - white