GI Joe



When I began collecting GI Joes and other things, I had a web service supplied by Verizon. As they began pulling services, like the newsgroups, I sought web space elsewhere, and found it. However, when they pulled their web pages entirely, I stranded a lot of fun content there. Even doing a detailed web search made it difficult to find.

I have begun resurrecting it, and will add links on this page as I am able to. Most of the content is still running at though that’s a free site that I’ve been given as a courtesy because the owners of the servers liked my content. However, I have lost edit ability.

So here are some links you can click on to take you to all of the old content. The Verizon content is now hosted on my own site, and a home page created to access it. The site is also linked here.

Have fun!

(NOTE: I do notice that a lot of the pointer buttons at the bottoms of pages do not work. A lot of these were hard-coded to return to Verizon, which no longer exists. I may not be able to change some of those, since they are on the Adventureteam server, which I cannot edit. Just go BACK and you should be fine.)