Put-Peep(tm) is an Interactive Fiction story I wrote in later September/early October, 2023. The last time I wrote one of these stories was 2011. The previous was 2009. I had heard of EctoComp 2023 through the Clash of the Type-Ins podcast.

And I had this idea for a game for some time now, based on a game we played at work where someone hides a decrepit old yellow Peep chicken (that got so bad it had tape on it at some point, and we had to put it inside a plastic container), and the target had to find it, then hide it for another person.

And when the idea of a creepy horror story competition got inside my head, it seemed like a natural fit. You go into the office late at night to fix a bug, and find the Peep. And then, alone in a dark office, stuff starts to happen.

So this will be a dev diary of sorts, for Put-Peep(tm).