Control Cuffs

Control Cuffs

Arm-fitted cuffs that have a joypad and a viewscreen. Each of these prints is one piece. Originally created for the Cotswold sized Surveillance Drone, they have been used in other sets and sold as stand-alone items as they are inexpensive and versatile. You can use this to control any remote object in your mission.

Set Colors

These are versions included in sets we have offered.

Deluxe Midnite Mission Set

This was the first major collaboration between myself and Cotswold Collectables. A nice mostly black stealth mission with black/silver/red drone, and silver cuff.

This image shows the cuff before it was fully developed with joypad, but the actual set fixed that, I believe, with a red joypad.

The cuff was printed in Sainsmart Silver with the joypad printed in the same piece.

The sticker was not designed by me. This was before Greg realized I could design and print my own stickers, so he had it designed and printed by a third party.

If redone, we would probably do the cuff with a black joypad, and this sticker:

RACCS Dual Drone Carrier Unit

A natural progression for the RACCS system, a unit that holds any two drones we care to print. The set comes with a military themed drone and an arctic themed one. The cuff was the generic silver/black.

The cuff was printed in Hatchbox Silver and had the joypad printed in as one piece. The sticker was originally the one designed for the Deluxe Midnite Mission set. These days I print it with a red joypad and this sticker:


Adventure Team Drone

This yellow/red/black drone is my favorite. It’s a color scheme that brings back all of the thrill of the 1970s Adventure Team.

The cuff is printed in Sainsmart Silver, and the joypad in red.


Adversary Drone Set

Demanded by collectors, as soon as we introduced the first Drone back with the Deluxe Midnite Mission, people have requested demanded an Adversaries version with firepower. So I created the Adversary version using a few new parts and exchangeable laser or missiles.

The cuff was printed in Octave Red, the joypad in Octave Black.

Cuff_Sticker_D_Red copy


Standalone Colors

So far these have been printed in various colors, but the standalone colors looked like this. It is important to note also which display sticker I used for each color, to maintain consistency, and to remember which color joypad comes with each color. (It is possible you may have different combinations like yellow-red and yellow-black, etc.)


Cuff is printed in Afinia Economy Yellow, the joypad in Octave Black



Cuff is printed in Octave Black, the joypad in Octave Red



Cuff is printed in Hatchbox White (at setting 5), the joypad in Octave Red



Cuff is printed in Octave Red. Pad in Octave Black.

Cuff_Sticker_D_Red copy

Olive Drab/Black

Cuff is printed in Olive Drab Green, pad is Octave Black



Cuff is printed in Paramount Tan, pad in Octave Black


Silver/Red – Version A

Cuff is printed in Sainsmart Silver. Pad is in Octave Red.


Silver/Red – Version B

Cuff is printed in Hatchbox Silver, pad in Octave Red.



  • Printed in groups, the cuff and joypad separately
  • Cuffs are oversprayed with satin clear coat so stickers adhere. Stickers do not like to stick to ABS plastic without help
  • Current cuff: cuff_06_Revised.stl
  • Current joypad: cuff_panel_06_Revised.stl
  • Stickers available in: Cuff_Sticker_BLACK_WHITE_RED.odg – or individual Photoshop files.