AT Set 2: GI Joe Adventure Team Remote Drone Surveillance

Introducing my second GI Joe Adventure Team set: Remote Drone Surveillance. The set consists of two Remote Surveillance Drones with articulated camera and hide-away landing struts; two launching cradles mountable on an ATV or Trouble Shooter, as well as a rear-mounted Control Tablet on an articulated armature. All designed by me and printed on my Afinia H479 3D printer. Seen here: at-drone-01 at-drone-02 at-drone-03 at-drone-04 at-drone-05 at-drone-06 at-drone-07 at-drone-08 at-drone-09at-drone-10 at-drone-11 at-drone-12 at-drone-13 at-drone-14 at-drone-16 at-drone-17 For the sequel: Retrieve the Lost Space Probe

3 thoughts on “AT Set 2: GI Joe Adventure Team Remote Drone Surveillance

    • Sorry, I haven’t checked my WordPress messages in ages. The black windbreaker Joe is wearing on this page was part of a Backyard Joes figure set the GI Joe Collector’s Club put together a few years back and sold a limited number of.

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