The 3D Veiled Virgin

As a teen I glimpsed a photo of a marble sculpture of Giovanni Strazza’s Veiled Virgin. It amazed me. It is a perfect sculptural illusion which depicts a sheer gossamer veil in hard solid stone.


There are several examples of this effect in the classical art world; a famous example residing in a convent in St. john’s, Newfoundland which as often happens in life, I never visited because I lived there and took it for granted. The sisters there are rightly intensely proud of their Veiled Virgin.

So this week I found a 3D model of Strazza’s Veiled Virgin on Turbosquid. I have never paid for a 3D model but the perfection of the artist’s work, modeling from photographic references, deserved money and I paid it.

I printed it on my Afinia H480 3D printer.


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