The Bot Shoppe – More Bots

I’ve shown you the first two robots in my Bot Shoppe, Tread-Bot and Grab-Bot:


Since I created these two, I have doubled the ranks with Sentry-Bot, a fast-moving motion sensor whose entire job is to patrol at high speed (with wheels that move him in any direction) and to alert authorities.


And introducing Shakes-Bot, a robot bard whose entire job is to write awesome stuff.


And just today I’m introducing Push-Bot, a sturdy industrial pushing robot. (He may know the Terrible Secret of Space!)

Here is the 3D model. He has not yet been fully printed. I have changed just one or two details since this model, so when I have a printed version, I will post it here.

push-bot-3d model

And here is the first glorious print. I added a head comb that, if it were functional, would light up like a forklift when it’s in operation, flashing.

push-bot-01 push-bot-02

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