A Second Snow Day’s Work – A Second Rocket

Not really a snow day. I mean it snowed today, but I had booked the day off anyway.

I spent a lot of it making the next rocket in my fleet.

This is a Fathers Day Card Charlotte gave me some years ago. I kept it because I really loved it, and I am a big fan of retro-styled rocket ships.


Obviously it is stylized, and shows only two fins. This would not work as a real rocket, and if I decided to be literal, it would fall over. So I opted to go with 3 fins, with the windows being in the span between, making for 3 windows, six rows of rivets, and 3 fins.

Here is the 3D model. I have not yet printed any of this. I will post pics when I do.


Well, I test-printed the rocket. It was a bit smaller than I want the final to be, but it’s not bad. Here it is, pictured next to the card that inspired it:


A few minor adjustments to make, including making the insert cuts for the fins a bit deeper, and to scale it up maybe 1.2.

The proportions may look wrong but that’s only because you’re seeing a 2D model become 3D. The contours of the body, the height of the nose cone and the windows, the fin shape, are all modeled against the photo in Maya so they are very accurate. Even the number of rivets going down the body is accurate.

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