Lazy Sunday 3D Projects

Today I had some time so I got myself busy working on a couple of projects I’d been meaning to do for a while.

The first was to make a profile image of myself and lathe it around to form one of those urn profile busts that are seen in optical illusion shots:


So I got Carol to take a direct profile picture of my face:


I brought it into my 3D modeling program and drew the profile, lathing it around 360 degrees. (Not a terribly flattering picture, I know. But it was just for this project.

I won’t reveal quite yet what the result was, because then I did a second Lazy Sunday project:

This is a TeeFury T-Shirt I bought last year that I really loved:


So I set out to create the Space Invaders / TRON Recognizer mash-up in the shirt.

And here are the results of both projects. (The robots on the left were other Lazy Sunday and Snow Day projects.)


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday 3D Projects

  1. Wow love this tee & design too! I just commented on Pacalin’s share of the 3D print of this that if you were considering making more for sale or on special order? it looks amazing!

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