Shapeways-Printed Konami Eagle Launch Pad Diorama Base

Some time ago now I modeled a forced-perspective display base for the 4″ Konami Eagles, for printing on my Afinia H479 3D printer.

Here is a sample, printed on my printer:


It’s hard to see the detail because the sub-surface light scattering on this particular plastic hides the ambient light and detail.

I made my model available on Thingiverse, a repository of free downloadable models.

Marco Scheloske, a member of Space: 1999 Merchandise facebook group, sent my model to Shapeways for printing. He had it printed in the various colors, but then added paint detail (including the landing lights that I completely left off my original model – but intend to add in) and here was his result:


Now I have to do this myself! I must send this away to Shapeways, and though it was a bit expensive – he says about 40 Euros for him – I must have one, to see what the quality is like.

For that matter, maybe it’s time I opened up a Shapeways shop…

2 thoughts on “Shapeways-Printed Konami Eagle Launch Pad Diorama Base

  1. Thanks, Greg!

    One fan of Anderson downloaded the files (which I put up on Thingiverse) and sent them up to Shapeways and had one printed. It cost somewhere around 40 Euros plus shipping.

    I have not yet started selling these from my home printer, but I’m seriously thinking about it.


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