The Cuts

When you buy an Aerobie (a wonderful flying ring invention that still is the thing furthest made and thrown by man), the first game you learn is “fetch”.

What I found out not long after my first Afinia print is that the first thing you really learn is to wear the damned gloves they send you.

Two prints after I got the Afinia, I sported two cuts on my fingers.

And after about 20 printed things, now, I have learned some. But not much.

I even cut myself – twice –  through the gloves, when using the putty knife to pry the object off its rafting.

This morning I left one of the gloves downstairs where I was cleaning up an object last night. So I just decided to push away from my hands and fingers. But dammit, I still managed to, using a smaller chisel, slice through my thumb. The thumb contains a fairly main artery, and so this bleeding still hasn’t stopped fifteen minutes later.

I’m keeping pressure on it until it clots, so I can apply a band-aid, but, man…

And this was after I promised myself I’d be more careful.

No photos will accompany this particular entry. :-)

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