Our House – Is A Very Very Very Fine House

We are currently (as of Nov 28, 2014) in the process of purchasing a house. Here is a photo of the house in question:


For as long as we have been able, starting in the late 1980s, Carol and I have collected the Hallmark House series of Christmas ornaments, with a couple of gaps here and there when we simply could not afford to buy that year’s house (mostly in the first 7 years). But mostly we have the whole set, and it goes on the tree every year, with new ones added.

This year Carol asked me to make her a Christmas Tree Ornament of our new house, which we hope is where we will spend Christmas this year.

Here it is. Well, here’s two actually, since my Mother requested one as well.


The wreaths indicate Christmas. I also modeled green gift bows for the roof but I’m not sure I want to use them.

But in keeping with my last year’s ornament, the Afinia printer:


… I think I will put this year’s date on the roof.

This picture is of the first of my 3D Printed Ornament Series which I created last year. I sent the files to Afinia, the makers of my printer (at their request after I sent them an actual ornament) and they printed it out in a number of colors and then used this image for their front page image for a while.

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