Silver Bullet Rocket

I love retro-designed rockets. I’ve done several now, and I’m just getting started.

This one is designed after some 1930s ideas, and is even similar (though mine has fins) to the one that took Bugs Bunny into space to meet Marvin the Martian for the first time.

Here’s mine, the parts laid out:


Which assemble to form:

rocket-silver-bullet-pose-02  rocket-silver-bullet-pose-01

So far I have designed and printed a rocket based on a Fathers’ Day Card my daughter gave me:


Then I did one from the 3DAGOGO T-shirt from a contest I won:


Then I did one for the Regular Joes Podcast after their new logo, a white and gray rocket:


Then last weekend I designed the Jetpack Rocket (based on the jetpack I made for my friend, which I modeled on a corgi dog for him.)


UPDATE: May 2, 2015 – PLA Version

A while back I got a reel of Afinia Premium PLA filament in gray. I had never used PLA before, and for some reason I had some issues printing on my H479. I don’t know why. I more or less abandoned it as a material after a few tests. Then I got a Makerbot red transparent PLA not realizing it was PLA. I thought it was ABS. I used that a couple of times with similar results. A lot of spiderwebbing (very thin traces of filament stretching between spans between parts.)

This week I revisited the PLA with my H480 (basically the same printer with some nice extra features, but more or less the exact same printing system) and this time I got really good results. So I thought I would do a more comprehensive test print of my Silver Bullet Rocket.

So I printed each piece in Fine (slowest, most accurate) mode, with .15mm layers (highest resolution) in PLA.

Here are the results:

The Parts: (minus the door window, because I forgot I needed it when I took this picture.)silver-bullet-pla-test-parts

The door, with aforementioned window (printed in blue glow-in-the-dark ABS. This is the only ABS part on this particular print) – But look at it close-up. It printed very nicely!silver-bullet-pla-test-closeup-door

The engines and caps: (I have to say, I really like that translucent red!)silver-bullet-pla-test-engine-closeup

The nose section. (At this size, the cone was a little untidy)silver-bullet-pla-test-nose-closeup

The finished print.silver-bullet-pla-test-full

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