Bubble-Capsule Flying Saucer UFO-01

Making Flying Saucers With Bubble Capsules

Every store has them. Vending machines with promising trinkets in small bubble capsules. I have for some time now wanted to begin making printed objects that incorporate the use of these capsules.

First up: Flying Saucer

ufo01-06 ufo01-04 ufo01-05

This was my first test version. Second print. The first print, the bubble didn’t fit snugly, and the bottom was missing that red gem-light. Also the landing gear legs were a bit too flimsy. I thickened those up just a tad, but it helps immensely.

This print does, however, show off the major weakness of layered printing. Shallow curves that are flat (rather than tall) show up as very visible layers. But I posted these images on facebook and the response was highly encouraging. People liked them and didn’t seem to worry too much about the print limitations.

This is printed at .15mm layers (my printer’s maximum resolution) in FINE mode which is the slowest, for the most accurate, best possible print.

I’m pretty happy with it.

UPDATE: April 30, 2015 – Assembly

Here are the parts (some still with support and raft) that make up UFO-01. Don’t forget, the bubble capsule is not printed, but is from a vending machine.


And here are the parts after the lights, landing gear and connector pegs are cleaned up:ufo01-parts-cleaned-up

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