Rocket Display Stands

Some time ago I created a rather nice Thinderbird 1 and a Thunderbird 3 ship from the new Thunderbirds Are Go! tv series.

Originally TB3 had no display stand, since it could stand on its own, while I created a stand for TB1 that was just a four leg Sci Fi thing:

This TB3 stands about 18″:IMG_4035.JPG

This TB1 stands about 14″ tall:IMG_4213.JPG

Recently I created new stands for these, and for my smaller TB1 and this weekend, for my newly-arrived toy Thunderbird 3 made by Vivid Imaginations.

This is my larger TB1, 14″ without stand, 18″ with:IMG_4121.JPG

This is Thunderbird 3, 18″ without stand, 22″ with:tb3-display-stand-01

This is my smaller TB1, standing 7″ tall without stand, 10″ with:tb1-small-display-stand-01

And this is the new Vivid Imaginations Thunderbird 3 (nicely done, guys, it’s really a nice toy!). It stands 7″ without stand, 11″ with:vivid-tb3-display-stand-01

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