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  1. Hi Sean. I just stumbled on this 3D print site by accident. I was surprised. For over ten years I had your Adventure Team(and other things)site saved to favorites. The one with all the photo stories, toy reviews, political ramblings, and stories of your various trips(The orange banners in Central Park come to mind). You stopped updating that site a good 5 years ago. Then you were doing that Dr Who podcast for a while. I’m glad you’re still in the toy hobby/business. I figured when the Adventure Team and DR Who sites fizzled out, You just moved on in life to kiids, family or some other hobby, like so many of us do.
    It’s a shame. Various pages of that old site are still floating around the internet. Full of broken links, and no home page index. After about 15 years, our Long Island chapter of the GI Joe Collectors Club finally died around the same time you stopped maintaining your site. We had Hasbro adviser Barry Kay in our group. His Name was immortalized on the screen of the computer in AT Danger of the Depths set.
    The big thing now is the 3.75″ stuff. I guess the next generation is coming into their nostalgic age, while us older guys are losing interest.
    Glad to see you’re still at it……..Rocco.

    • Hey, Rocco.

      You certainly followed me! You probably know more about me than I do! :-)

      Yeah, sadly, Verizon decided to do away with web space, so a lot of my site went down. I originally started on a small Verizon site, then added to that using an adventureteam.com site, which was owned by a private person but he sold space. Then that went away, but thankfully at least he allows my pages to stay up, I just can’t edit. So that went away. Huxter.org, however, is my own domain and I pay for web space. That is easier to update. My intent was to eventually move all of my old pages under my Huxter.org pages, which I could do, but would take months, to make sure everything links. I still intend to do it at some point.

      It’s all out there, directly linkable (not the Verizon stuff, sadly) but there are no good header pages to point the way.

      My hobby interests always move around, but I always come back. I still collect action figures and am now working on 3D printed things for GI Joe. Leaf through these pages and see the GI Joe stuff I’ve created, you will enjoy it, I guarantee!

      I have worked with Cotswold to create some stuff for sale, and I intend to open an ETSY store fairly soon as well.

      Barry Kay is a good friend of mine still, he and Tod Pleasant and Dave Pisani (who created the A.E.S.O.P. comic) are doing “Regular Joes Podcast” which I’ve appeared on a couple of times. They do a great podcast, and do keep up with GI Joes, though the podcast has much greater interest area than just that. (I still have the computer with Barry’s name on it.)

      I did lose interest for a while, but my 3D printer rekindled it. Search for “GI JOE” here and you should see a lot of pages where I have done some cool stuff for GI Joe. I even attended the Dallas convention in 2014, and my dioramas are visible on my page.

      I am still at it. Glad you’re still following!



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