Spot On! A Blast From The Past

Back in the 1980s an old friend, Howard Wellman, asked me to do the interior design for an arcade he was building under JJ’s Restaurant, one of Springdale’s best eateries for burgers and such. Everyone ate there. It was quite the spot.

He called his arcade “The Spot” and asked me to design and paint its walls. Somewhere in my archives I have photos of the walls I painted, but sadly, I can’t find them at the moment.

However, I still have this t-shirt:


I later redid the interior, when he expanded it to double its size, and then I did another one in Baie Verte, where he opened a second location. No photos of that, however.

But it’s sure nice to still have this.

Howard died of cancer a few years ago, and before he died, he gave me back a few sketches and things I did for him back then. Little did I realize why he was giving me those things, but at that time, he had to have known, but didn’t tell me.

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