Tintin On The Moon

Tintin, by HergĂ©, is a character in a series of comic books from Belgium, beloved the world over. I read them as a kid, and my two favorite ones were a pair of books, in a rare thing for Tintin, a two-parter: “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon”:


A year or so I bought a nice die-cast Jeep (the one on the first cover) and I downloaded and 3D printed the rocket, someone put up on Thingiverse.

But not satisfied, I wanted to make a statue of Tintin in his space suit.

Here it is:

12189801_10153071016431105_5607296879127696805_n 12208704_10153071016496105_2524085349619937784_n 12187668_10153071016596105_2605207907898148152_n 10406440_10153071016551105_2176392486078442578_n

The bubble is a vending machine bubble capsule, which is not terribly transparent, which sucks a little, but it works fairly well.

The figure stands about 8-9 inches in height.

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