I Won!

3DAGOGO.com is a site for people like me to sell (or give away) our 3D designs.

There are other repositories, such as Thingiverse, which have no payment system – it’s all free. Which is nice. But 3DAGOGO offers designs that are guaranteed to print. The designs must include a photo of the printed object.

For the past few months they have had themed design contests.

November was Household objects, with various categories. One was toys. I entered my Airship One:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

December’s theme was Christmas and I entered my Afinia Printer Christmas Ornament:

And they had a grand overall contest, in which I entered several of my designs including my GI Joe Action Pack Jetpack:

Yesterday I got an e-mail from 3DAGOGO.

I won all three contests.

For November I win a t-shirt and a reel of filament.
For December I win a t-shirt and a reel of filament.
For the Grand Prize I win a t-shirt and a Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner!!!

This one:


Am I psyched or what?

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