Konami Eagle Pods – Improvements

I was sure, due to some quick test prints, that the Freighter and Winch pods I modeled for the 4″ Konami Eagle would not sustain printing the superstructure at either end of the pods.

After tests with the Dinky version (which is almost twice as large) worked rather well, but I expected that. Here is a pure white version, next to the Product Enterprise pod that inspired it:


So I decided to adapt that model for the 4″ Konami model, meaning the pod itself would be about 4cm long, and those struts would be tiny.

But here is the result:


I was very impressed that this actually worked on my printer. It turned out very nicely.


I even printed very very tiny Alpha Moonbase badges for the winch barrel caps.

I glued the Nuclear Waste containers down using Elmer’s white glue, so they would be easily removable.


NOTE: For anyone who buys these models from me at my shop (Fourth D) on Shapeways, you may want to print the decal sheet I created. The two links below are to PDF files you can print.



You can print them on white waterslide paper either in laser or inkjet (make sure you have the right paper and follow instructions that come with the paper) or you can print them on simple white paper and use simple glue if you like. The decal sheet has both the Konami and Dinky scaled decals. Also, the instructions for the decals (for waterslide) are available here.


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