Welcome to my Words

This is a blog. Make no mistake. I was writing blogs well before the word “blog” was coined. And I really hate the word “blog” because it makes you sound like you’re gagging in your throat.

Before then, when Turbine was Second Nature Interactive, and we were allowing employees to host their own web sites, I started what I called a “Rant” site, which exists today, even though I host the files in a /blog directory.

I do many things I consider fun and cool to pass the time. I write stories, even a couple of novels, a couple of text adventures, a few Commodore 64 games, the best of which run under GEOS. I also do other things including collect toys and cool stuff. I even wrote a column called “Cool Stuff” for the Science Fiction Channel (which it was then known) for about seven years before they changed their name to SyFy and altered the format of their web magazine(s).

However, I’m creating this “blog”, which I will instead call “words”, in order to document my impending experiments with 3D Printing.

Please comment as you see fit. I am just setting this site up now, but soon I will be updating it to include two posts from my original “Rant” site. But for today, this is it.

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