Print of the Day – Heatwave Vase

Thingiverse user virtox created the Heatwave Vase. It’s a lovely, flourishing bit of solid fabric. I love this. I wanted to print this because I hadn’t yet really printed one of these wonderful geometric art pieces.


I saw the potential here for the Afinia Natural filament for this print. That particular filament is near-white, but not solid white. There is a translucency about it that would make this object stand out as a real art piece. The translucency will allow light to hit it in various ways making all of the fabric-like detail really stand out.

I’m shooting video in bits so I can later put together a cross-fade time-lapse of the entire print. If it works.

It’s about 1/3 of the way done and is looking rather good. There were a few places where it needed support, but mostly it printed without support.

People on Thingiverse were suggesting this vase (which was modeled as a solid with 1-2mm walls) be re-uploaded as a thin shell because printing it that way would be easier. As a double-walled vase, the print head would probably rip itself apart printing the thickness, whereas if you were to print it as a shell on a single-sided wall, it would simply whip around the shape layer after layer, which I’m pretty sure would result in a better print.

The creator has said, so far, he/she doesn’t want to upload any variants on it, and it’s under the “no derivatives” license, meaning people can’t upload versions based on it.

But that didn’t stop me from printing my own derivative. I just won’t upload it.

So this is printing rather nicely, and I hope photos of it will do it justice. This is the kind of piece I’d be proud to display alongside our real artworks in our living room, which include some lovely native Canadian carvings and other craft work from serious artists.

Update: Here it is, printed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4 thoughts on “Print of the Day – Heatwave Vase

  1. Hehe, very nicely printed! :-)
    Any details on settings, number of perimeters?

    The thingi-crowd can be quite convincing, so I am still considering releasing shells or solids, but I need to figure out a few details.

    Also, as not all printers support shell printing properly, I am looking for ways to improve for those too.


    • I’m using the Afinia H479, so I printed this at .25m layers, with Unsolid Model turned on, and Shell mode. That’s after I removed the inner layer from the model itself.

      It printed very nicely using those methods, and each layer was a run-around the surface twice, or so it seemed while printing, rather than having to jog back and forth over every square millimeter if it had been a two-layered wall model.

      • Ah cool! I was still figuring out some of the new settings.
        I use an Up Plus, so basically same printer.
        Have you noticed too, that it does go back and forth sometimes with the shell mode? I think it stills fills a bit in the sharp overhangs or something.

        Anyway, I have added the shell and solid files to the thingy.
        Thanks for the blog and info! :-)

        • You’re welcome. I hope I was of some help. If you post more of these please let me know. I really like how the light plays on the shapes. I was thinking of making five of them for an electric chandelier lamp over my dining room table.

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