Robo-Rally Tread Bot 01 – An Experiment

This little robot stands just over 3cm in height.


His arms will glue on, but were printed in two pieces each. The head, neck and body were separate pieces. And the two treads were printed separately and snapped over the wheel shafts.

Pretty nice detail for such a small thing.

This is a prototype for creating my own robots for Robo Rally, a fun game I love.

Here he is, with arms glued in place:



I decided to cut TreadBot up into more pieces so I could give him a better color treatment. Man, I went crazy. While I haven’t yet cut the hands off so they can be printed in silver, I did cut the eye lenses off. Those pieces are tiny!

I also added detail to the base, and made the main torso a separate piece so the base could be black.

Here are all the parts:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And here is Treadbot 1 standing next to Treadbot V2.0:


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