Today’s Work – Chess, Royal Mail, Adventure Team, Fume Hood, Organization

Whew. Busy day.

I photographed and moved into storage six large bins containing mostly my toys, and some of Charlotte’s to make the office’s closet usable again.

[No Photo Available]

I printed all parts needed to complete one piece each of the red Nautical Chess set:


I made some adjustments to the Bishop to conform to the standard Staunton rule of height order. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn. I still have to print a second Bishop, Knight and Rook for each color, and seven more Pawns for each.

The good news about this set is if you want to forgo the base and body, you could use just the heads and you’d have a very damn-decent travel chess set!

Then I glanced to my right and saw my TARDIS Diorama, with the TARDIS on a street corner, and realized it was missing something: A Royal Mail box:


So I quickly modeled one and printed it in two sizes. First, to conform to the scale of the TARDIS diorama, and second, because I have this plan to make a very nice “The Saint” diorama using the Matchbox Volvo P1800 I have, in a display base from Dragon (which used to hold a very realistic but tiny tank) with a railroad figure I’m going to customize and paint up as Simon Templar. More on that later. But for now, here’s the Mail Box in the TARDIS Diorama:


Then I printed an Adventure Team Logo, because I got all nostalgic photographing so many of my 12″ GI Joes. I printed a couple before, but they were smaller and thinner. This one feels much better:


And to top it all off, my fume hood is now complete, with some minor adjustments to make a tighter seal around some parts. But it’s working, and here’s the latest image of it. It is currently printing, with the hose blowing air out the window.The flow is not strong, but I have no reason to believe it has to be.


Whew. Big day.

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