1:64 Scale Deckard’s Car Custom

I posted already about preparing my ERTL Blade Runner Deckard’s Car car for a custom version.


This is what the car looks like out of the box (or card). These are fairly rare these days and sell for about $25.00 and up, depending on condition.

Now you know Deckard didn’t have a big honkin’ “Blade Runner” logo on the back of his car, nor was it metallic brown.

Here is the box cover of the recent Fujimi model kit of the car in 1:25 scale. (I have this kit and will probably do something with it this winter.)


Here is a restored or replicated version:

So here it is, finished.

Beside the original ERTL car:

I used some of the decals from the Fujimi sheet, scaled down:


  • I painted the car a slightly rusty orange.
  • I painted the door bumpers black.
  • I cut out the thick vertical window posts.
  • I printed front orange curved lights over the bumpers. Due to the shape, I had to chisel out some space in the inside bumper
  • I painted the interior tan and black.
  • I put decals on the dashboard.
  • I painted silver detailing.
  • I printed custom headlight decals.
  • I printed custom decals for the 56 on the front bumper and the rear side.
  • I printed custom POLICE decals for the angled front sides.
  • I printed a decal for the top circle.
  • I painted tail lights.
  • I cut a small bit of glossy cardboard from a product package, scored it and painted it silver for the windshield guard.

my-br-deckard-car-left-01 my-br-deckard-car-rear-01 my-br-deckard-car-right-01 my-br-deckard-car-front-01

This is, supposedly, a shot of the real car taken some years back:



4 thoughts on “1:64 Scale Deckard’s Car Custom

  1. Incredible work. I am doing the same thing. The only downside is that I have only one vehicle. I wanted to ask you if you would have a picture of the inside of the car when he was unarmed, to get an idea of whether I can add a figure inside.

    Again, Congratulations for your work.



  2. Hello
    I’m doing the custom of the vehicle. I wanted to ask a favor. Would it be possible that you had scanned the decal sheet of Fujimi. It is to print them and add them to the vehicle.

    Thank you very much.



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