WERBLZ – A New Character

UPDATED – July 28, 2015

I have been insanely busy – no time to create and or print things. But this weekend I found time to create a new creature I have been doodling for many months.

Introducing WERBLZ.


Alien creatures designed to werble. Thusly:

I’m using vending machine 1″ bubble capsules in this design, like I did for my “Mars Retaliates” UFO designs.

This time, the bubble encloses a brain with eye stalks revealing a very alien creature (with white gloved hands for some reason :-) and a mouth in his body.

I designed everything, and modeled all but the brain. For the brain (which I will likely model myself later) was downloaded from Thingiverse, and was uploaded from MRI data by Thingiverse user hyla.

There is a 1/3″ metal nut in the base making the Werblz rock back and forth. So far I have not got the center of gravity right, because while he will wobble, he will also fall down. He’s not supposed to fall over. I’ll fix that later.

Here are more angles.

werblz-02 werblz-03 werblz-04

And here is the new version (front) with yesterday’s prototype. The new one has a lowered center of gravity for better werbling. werblz-05

And yesterday I printed a green and gold version:


And a movie of all three:

As with my UFO set, this is designed to be expandable into all sorts of cute creatures.